Pourquoi la lecture est-elle importante à vos yeux?
Cathie Hollier
Cathie Hollier
J.R. Reid School J.R. Reid School
Brandon, MB Brandon, MB

I have always loved reading. I love how it allows me to see things from a character’s point of view, travel to a different time or place or feel a variety of emotions.
Once I had my children, we read every night together. The conversations we were able to have because of our reading time would not have occurred otherwise. I loved that quiet time that became part of every evening that we all looked forward to so much.
As a teacher I have always read a book aloud to my class and have seen reluctant readers become so drawn in, that is an amazing feeling, it feels like a gift that I can give. The conversations as a class, the community that is built while reading together is something that would not be achieved any other way.
I think as a parent and a teacher if I had to pick one reason reading is important, it would perhaps be that it builds empathy and character in our children. The ability to see yourself in a story and reflect on how it makes you feel can be life changing. There are so many lessons that can be learned from reading a story.
Being able to share books with my students is a gift that I feel honoured to give.


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