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M. Brubacher
M. Brubacher
Courtland Ave. Sr. Public School Courtland Ave. Sr. Public School
Kitchener, ON Kitchener, ON

My name is Mark Brubacher and I am a Gr. 7 English, History and Geography teacher at Courtland Ave. P.S. in Kitchener, ON and I am truly lucky to teach the students who I work with each day.
Our new new slogan is Diversity is Strength and I think it is a very appropriate one. We have students who have come to Canada from every continent in the world (other than Antarctica…) and many students who are English Language Learners (ELL) who have recently come to our school.

When I look out at the class to start the day I am always so amazed at the diverse learning community that we have and how much life experience the students have, even though they are so young. I really am very lucky to have the privilege of teaching them.

I also am aware that our school has a lot of language needs and that having new, top notch resources can help our students to develop a love of literacy that can help put them on a positive path in school as well as life.

But don’t take my word for it. I have asked my classes to answer two important questions:

What makes reading so important?
- Reading is important because it will help us in any future job.

Why are new books and resources so important for our school?
- We don’t have a lot of current resources and having new, interesting books helps people develop an interest in reading.
- Not everybody at our school has the same taste in genres of books so having more variety will help more people.
- We could use more ‘less traditional’ types of books such as graphic novels and comics which might help students who have traditionally hated reading.


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