Thank you everyone

Walter Whyte School 12 Octobre 2018

The students and staff and especially me, the librarian, would like to thank everyone who helped us earn new books for the library.  You all helped us reach our goal of landing in the top 5.  It was a hard fight but we made it.  Just being here is a major accomplishment for a small rural school.  The students are so excited this year.  I did use bribes, I won't lie.  I told the students if we win 1st prize they can all help me shop and pick one book each for the library.  If we don't win 1st then each class can pick 5 books they would like to see in the library.  Either way it is a win/win for our school and especially the students.

This has been a great year for us in this contest and the excitement will continue all year once we get some new books in circulation.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and the school community.

Sincerely, Mrs. Kendrick - Walter Whyte Librarian