Park Avenue Community (Elementary) School

Nanaimo, Colombie-Britannique 64 / 339 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Mr. Robbie Dhillon June 3, 2016

Park Avenue Community (Elementary) School is a growing inner city school with families from all walks of life. Many of our students are struggling learners for whom reading is a challenge. Despite these challenges however, Park Avenue has a very real sense of community which is revealed in many ways.
Parent and community groups are very active in our school. When a family falls on hard luck, others get together to try and help them out in various ways. We have a community gardens program. Our students have been getting “hands on” experience learning about where their food comes from as they plant seeds and harvest potatoes. Our now thriving band program was made possible by community donations of band instruments. Heartfelt cheers for peers and staff at various events, be they book clubs, sports teams or the recent talent show, have been remarked on by visitors to our school.
The PAC continues to support many activities within the school. This year they donated over $12000 to the school and funded two author visits for students. This was very exciting for the kids and there was much demand for the authors’ books. The PAC also makes it possible for us to have our annual book fair and “Snuggle Up and Read” evening of book sharing for parents and kids.
New books are always eagerly awaited. One of our most popular events of the past few years has been the opportunity for each child to choose a book for the school library. This is a much anticipated event and the “chosen” books are immediately snapped up for reading. This is the only chance some students ever have to choose a brand new book and the enthusiasm is exciting to see.
The library has a very limited budget and must rely on outside sources for most of its funding. Any support such as that which might be available through the Indigo Adopt a School program is very much appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration and support of literacy !

339 enfants
Enfants : 339
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $1.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $1,00