W.E. Gowling Public School

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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Mary Conroy W.E. Gowling is a school with approximately 350 students in the Carlington community. We are a designated R.A.I.S.E. school by the OCDSB. (Resource Allocation Index based on Socioeconomics) This is our school board's identification of schools which have a higher number of students from households with low income, single-parents and newcomers to Canada including refugees.

As a result of the significant number of our students being from low income homes, many do not have money to purchase books. Further to that, there isn't a public library within walking distance to our student's homes thus our school library is their primary source of reading material. Our students are hungry for books and literature and are eager to come to their school library to find books.

Our students love their library books to the point they are falling apart. Many books have been taped, re-taped, glued, stapled and glued again in order to keep them in circulation as we are unable to replace damaged books with new books. In addition to our beloved, ragged and worn out books we have books which unfortunately accidentally are no longer fit for circulation. Often water or juice gets spilled on books or pages tear and sometimes younger siblings contribute to the cause of a book's demise.

Kindly consider supporting W.E. Gowling Public School during the Adopt a School Campaign to put exciting new books in the hands of our students.

Livres préférés The students at W.E. Gowling, especially our English language learners, love graphic novels and as a result they are the most requested and circulated books in our library. Here is a list of our favourite books:
1. Dog Man series / Dav Pilkey
2. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series / Jeff Kinney
3. Smile, Sisters, Drama and Ghosts / Raina Telgemeier
4. The Amulet Series / Kazu Kibuishi
5. Space dumplins / Craig Thompson

Last year's favourite picture book:
After the Fall / Dan Santat

350 enfants
Enfants : 350
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
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