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Cedar Elementary

Nanaimo, Colombie-Britannique 769 / 350 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Shona Sneddon Cedar Elementary is a rural school of approximately 350 students living in a unique and supportive but also needy community. In June 2016, North Cedar Intermediate School (originally a junior high school until the early 1990s) and Woodbank Primary School, shut their doors and reopened in September (at the North Cedar Intermediate site) under the name Cedar Elementary. Cedar Elementary opened for grades K-7 in September 2016 and has gone through many challenges with this merger including reduction to the size of the library which has further emphasized the need for an updated collection of books. Our school library is two school libraries combined and as such, there is A LOT of books that are duplicates as well as out of date and worn. With a library book budget of only $400, very few new books were added to the library this year. It has been very difficult and disheartening to not fulfill student “wishlists” and tell students “sorry we can’t get that book” when they ask - because we just don’t have the finances to make this happen.
During the 2016-2017 school year, our librarian has weeded many of these books but now our shelves are looking bare and out of date when considering the merging of the two schools. As many students live in a rural setting too far away from the public library (we are 13.6 km away from the Ladysmith public library with no public transportation to get there, and we are 11.4km away from the VIRL public library on Commercial St. in Nanaimo with the city bus only coming once each hour) books are not very accessible to our students. Further to this, many Cedar families not in a socio-economic situation that allows them to buy new books. Thus, it is essential that these student have access to new, exciting books in their school library. New updated books will help keep our students engaged in reading and interest in learning. We would use the new books to enhance literacy and a love of reading at our school. We know that a love of reading and the ability to read well is directly connected to success in adulthood.
We are particularly interested in buying graphic novels and popular new junior novel series to help get our struggling readers interesting and “hooked” on reading. We are also hoping to start a Library Helpers program where students in Grades 5-7 can have a leadership opportunity to help out in the library one recess a week and earn book credit. This program will help older students learn responsibility and be rewarded with new books! New books will give our library a much needed breath of fresh air. While we do have lots of shelving space in our library, the physical working space of our library had to be taken away this year to allow for shelving space for the books from the primary school. This loss of a working and learning space is especially unfortunate when paired with the fact that we have such a dated collection. Our books desperately need to be revived in order to get students once again excited about coming to their school library.
We would like to tell the people of Nanaimo a bit about our unique community here in Cedar. We hope to do this by creating posters about our school and community and sharing these at the Chapters store if at all possible. We would also like to bring some of our students on a field trip to Chapters and have them showcase a bit about our school. Another idea we have is to promote the fundraiser within our school and have every student in the school create a “My WishList Book” display that our teachers, staff and parents can see. We also think it would be amazing to have a school photo done with every student holding up a new book they are excited to read and share this with the store - what a wonderful thing for the community to see! We hope to share on social media as well if Chapters were to select our school.
Any help that Chapters Indigo can provide us with would be so helpful and truly life changing to our library. On behalf of the students, staff and parents of Cedar Elementary, thank-you very much for your consideration.

350 enfants
Enfants : 350
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $1.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $1,00


Out with the old, in with the new

Cedar Elementary 17 Septembre 2018

The average age of our picture book collection is 19. I cannot wait to be out with the old and in with the new. I'm particularly looking forward to adding more books with strong female characters to serve as role models for our students. 

Your small change makes a big change for Cedar

Cedar Elementary 11 Septembre 2018

Any donation, big or small makes a difference. Thanks for supporting our community of learners, we are so appreciative.

Our Totems Tell Stories

Cedar Elementary 09 Septembre 2018

Last June, our students learned about the cultural importance of totem poles and the stories they tell. In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, each class created their own  totem pole to represent their unique community of learners and contributions to the community.  We look for...