Adoptée par Coles Conestoga Mall

St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School

Kitchener, Ontario 469 / 275 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Albert Simoes Our school is located in an area of the city that has a high low-income demographic. There is also a high transiency rate within our student population. And there are many families whose first language is not English, which is increasing each year. We desperately need to add some ESL resources to our library collections, but there is no additional money for this. Many of the books in the library are also aged, worn or tattered, but there are no additional funds to replace them with newer, more current books in better condition. We are thrilled to have been adopted by Conestoga Mall Coles to help us meet the library needs of every one of our students, in all grades, ages and reading levels. Thank you, Coles!

Livres préférés Our grade 4 students think the best books in the library are:

Dork Diaries
Dog Man
Big Nate
Diary of a Wimpy Kid

275 enfants
Enfants : 275
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $9.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $9,00


Adopt-a-School is now closed

St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School 08 Octobre 2018

Thanks for all your support during this fundraising event.  We reached our goal of $4000 for new books for the library.  Way to go, St Bernadette Bears!  You have demonstrated once again what an awesome community you are!  Stay tuned for the total funds raised, and for the out...

Two days to go!

St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School 05 Octobre 2018

There are two days to go in this fundraiser, and I wonder if we can raise another $160 to bring us to $4000.  Between instore and online donations, as well as the five stories still available for submission, I think we can do it!  Let's go, St Bernadette Bears!!

Indigo Adopt-a-School update

St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School 25 Septembre 2018

St Bernadette community members, I want to say how moved I am by the support you've all shown for this fundraiser.  At just over one week into this event, the results have already far exceeded my expectations.  You guys are amazing!  Keep up the good work!