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Niitsitapi (Aboriginal) Learning Centre

Calgary, Alberta 509 / 175 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Michelle Ranger This learning centre for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students from preschool age to grade three is in its third year of operation. We moved into our building January 2016, and thanks to Indigo Love of Reading we are able to continue to fill our learning commons and classroom shelves with books.

We have a limited budget to fill our classroom libraries. The book shelves in the classrooms have space to be filled! In the last year we have doubled the number of students in the building, and this year we have added the grade three program in our building. Many of our families have limited books at home, and as such, literacy is a major focus at our school. As our students are young, we have ensured that families can come and borrow books from our learning commons collection, so it is important to have a number of books available for both students and families.

Being sponsored by Indigo will greatly impact the success of our students this year and future generations.

Livres préférés Many of our students love:
-Elephant and Piggie Books
-Captain Underpants Books
-Picture Books
-Indigenous Titles

175 enfants
Enfants : 175
Âge des livres : < 10 ans
Budget de $1.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $1,00