Cambridge Public School

Embrun , Ontario 103 / 280 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Stacey McCready Our school library is in dire need of non-fiction, fiction, and recreational reading for our grades JK-6 in English and French as the average age of our books is 17 years. Our board provides a $0 budget for the purchase of new books. The only way they can be purchased is if parents directly buy, or assist in fundraising for the parent council - who have a small dedicated amount per year to spend on books. A lot of our parent community do not have the means to spend extra money on fundraising endeavours or purchasing books. There is a low socioeconomic status for many of he children that attend our school. As a member of the parent council myself, I have been working with our principal to understand our needs. Throughout this research into our library, we have come across many categories of books that don't exist for our students. Current subjects like biology, history, social sciences don't even have a place in our library. We have a dwindling supply of French language books. Our children are smart and eager learners. They lap up the small quantity of books we are able to purchase at the end of the year. Our teachers often have to patchwork educational resources together off of the Internet - that would be better served with a physical book. Cambridge Public formed a library council in 2015 to focus on ways to deal with our inadequate library.

280 enfants
Enfants : 280
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
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Budget par enfant $0,00