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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Janice Perera-Baker Welcome to Ashton Meadows Public School's Adopt a School page! There are several reasons as to why Ashton Meadows would benefit from being adopted by Indigo. Ashton Meadows’ school-wide focus on student achievement, particularly in literacy, has led to the development of regular, ongoing literacy assessments throughout all grades in the school.

At Ashton Meadows there are a lot of different things that happen in our Library. We have Reading Buddies, workshops, meetings and even special presentations from the Ontario Dairy Farmers and Sick Kids Hospital to name a few. We love our library a lot however our library doesn’t have many new books. With the help of the Indigo Adopt a School program we would like to buy many new books especially more non fiction books, French books for our French classrooms and dual language books to accommodate the need of our growing ELL population.

At our school we have many different literacy initiatives done by our wonderful teachers. For example we have CAFE, Reading Centres, The Daily 5, Book Talks and much more.

At Ashton Meadows we have the Reading Buddies program. Our Intermediate students work with our primary students to help them develop a passion for reading. The Intermediate students meet with the Primary students once a week in the Library and work together to develop an interest in reading. Our Reading Buddies program is an excellent program to help build positive relationships among the older and younger students while teaching them to read. Our Intermediate students and our Primary students have developed a positive relationship through this reading program, students enjoy picking books together and reading books together and even build bonds outside at recess.

Another reason why we need books is to promote our Character Education program. Character Education is an initiative organized by our Positive Climates for Learning and Wellness Team. Every month, we focus on a specific character trait (eg. Fairness, Integrity, Respect). Throughout the month, Student Parliament organizes activities related to the character trait. In our library, our Teacher Librarian has a section dedicated to Character Education where every month books and resources are displayed about the character trait for staff and students. We also have a Character Corner where classes put up their work and create a display board for the character trait. Character Education promotes good citizenship for students. The books we use for Character Education help promote literacy as well as character. During the month of Integrity, the ELL teacher used the book The Empty Pot by Demi. She read this book to her class, did literacy activities incorporating the theme and by the end of the month, the students put together a bilingual Readers Theatre presentation of the book. With the help of this program, we would like to purchase more books and resources to support our Character Education program.

As you can see Ashton Meadows is a great school, with the help of the Indigo Adopt a School program we can really change our Library and help all our students read even more!

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