Cinnabar Valley Elementary

Nanaimo, Colombie-Britannique 154 / 326 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Diane Charles With our changing curriculum, student interests and amazing new subject matter available, our collection severely needs funding to allow us to purchase relevant and exciting new materials. We are trying to build up our; early readers, local resources (Nanaimo, Vancouver Island), science and technology sections.
We would love to see a book in every student's hand!

Livres préférés Top favourites at Cinnabar Valley:
*Diary of a Wimpy Kid
*Dog Man
*Big Nate
*The Book With No Pictures

326 enfants
Enfants : 326
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $0.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $0,00


"A book is a gift you can open again and again."- Garrison Keillor

Cinnabar Valley Elementary 04 Octobre 2018

CINNABAR VALLEY IS TOTALLY AMAZING! Thanks to the generous contributions from our school community, we have raised a tidal wave of new books! Between our wonderful first-time contributors and some altruistic and big-hearted returning donors, we have over 145 donated books. We are humble...

11 more days to make donations!

Cinnabar Valley Elementary 26 Septembre 2018

We are halfway through our campaign to raise funds and books for our Learning Commons/Library. With the support from our community, students and staff will have the resources they need to teach and learn. Please write a small story if you want to donate in lieu of money, Chapters will donate one ...


Cinnabar Valley Elementary 19 Septembre 2018

With only a few days of the campaign underway, we already have generous donations of 25 books! Thank you Cinnabar Valley community for supporting literacy and love of reading in our school!