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Native Sena

Weagamow Lake, Ontario 592 / 163 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Chris Williams We are a remote First Nation community. We don't have a public library or access to reasonably priced books. Shipping is very expensive. The school/education authority has been working to improve literacy but we haven't had the budget for anything but necessities the last ten years.
Update: April 27, 2018. Our school was very thankful for the funds we received through the Love of Reading Foundation this school year (2017-2018). The information above is still true. We are suppose to be getting a new school in the next two years and are hoping it will have a library. Due to space limitations we haven't had a library in our school for fifteen years. Teachers are working on building their classroom libraries.
Our staff and school would be very grateful to be part of the Love of Reading program again. Thank you.

163 enfants
Enfants : 163
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $0.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $0,00