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Sherwood Park Elementary School

North Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique 473 / 430 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Sanjeet Johal There are lots of reasons why we need books:

1. We have a high concentration of students at our school who love stories and books, but who do not have much exposure to them at home. These students hug books to their hearts and sometimes are reticent to return them because they consider them so "precious". Ensuring there are always exciting and fun books which "speak" to these students is critical.

2. We are a dual track school and therefore we must stock exciting French books to keep kids just as motivated to read in French as in English. French books cost more than English books and can take up a great deal of our meagre budget. One of my goals is to have the students in the English stream look at the cool French books and say, "Can you get that in ENGLISH???" (the opposite of what often happens in schools)

3. We have a significant Indigenous population at our school. It is critical that we have books which are culturally accurate, authentic and relevant - not just for those students, but for our entire school population. We all benefit and learn so much from books rich in First Nations culture.

4. A large number of our books are in poor repair due to high use (ie. they are just OVER-loved!), and are now in need of replacement. This takes up a great deal of the budget, and leaves little room for the "hot" new titles my students crave.

5. With the new curriculum and subsequent new book lists that are published to support this curriculum, the pressure is on to ensure that my teachers and students have what they need to learn and grow.

Becoming a school "adopted" by the Chapters Granville store (Indigo) will go a long way to helping our high needs school address these significant issues and boost literacy levels and motivation for students to keep on reading. We love books, and we really appreciate this support.

Livres préférés HOW would we choose?! We have so many favourites!
• ALL National Geographic Kids books!!!
• Any and all of the "Elephant and Piggie" books! (in English AND French)
• Chris Van Dusen books ("If I Built a Car", "If I Built a House", "The Circus Ship", etc.)
• Eric Walters books (especially "Safe as Houses" and "We All Fall Down"!)
• Gary D. Schmidt books (especially "Okay for Now", "Orbiting Jupiter")
• "Out of my Mind" by Sharon Draper
• Elise Gravel and Benoit Charlat board books in French (SOOO funny)
...and there are so many more!

430 enfants
Enfants : 430
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $8.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $8,00