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Orde Street Public School

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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Michael Orde Street Public School is a very dynamic school with a very diverse population. We serve students from around the world and welcome families who just come to Canada. With that said, because of our diverse population from around the world, we have many English as a second language (ESL) students. Teachers and families do our best to try and serve them and provide them with a positive experience of Canadian schools while they are here, however, teachers feel like we are not doing the best that we could be doing for these students because of our lack of resources (particularly books). Research has shown that exploring picture books with students of all ages provide students with the confidence to move onto chapter books, connects families’ together (home reading programs where students read to family members), improves both written and oral skills, and many more things. Orde Street Public School cannot bring these practices and programs to the families that we serve because we literally do not have the resources to. Last year our school celebrated its 100th year, and to be honest, the age of the books in our school are around 30. The books are so old that the pages are starting to turn yellow. It would be great to partner with Chapters/Indigo to work with the community and families to select books that will meet the needs of our population.
The second reason why Orde Street Public School needs books is because we have recently added Grade 7 & 8. The School Board has given us very little money and resources to equip. the new classrooms and our library mainly has books that serve our old population which was primary (Kindergarten to grade 6). We need to find a way to get some intermediate books for the grade 7’s and 8’s so that they can have a successful year/s at Orde Street Public School. Our school population has also increased because of the co-op building that they built up the street from our school. This year we had 400 students and next year we will have 453 students. It would be great if our School Library had enough books to serve that amount of students.
Teachers at the school have been trying to solve this problem of lack of books for our large population of students by going to garage sales, having bake sales, school spirit events, etc. but these events do not generate the amount of money that is needed to fill our library. Therefore, this grant will greatly help not only the students in the school but the educators and surrounding community. Thank you for your consideration and Orde looks forward to beginning a partnership with Chapters/Indigo.
Andreya Padmore
FGrade 1 & 2 Teacher
Orde Street Public School

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