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E.J. Sand P.S.

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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Jay Wolkoff Two years ago while working at Legacy Public school I was so happy and grateful to have been chosen by Indigo Markham to be their Adopt a School for that year. I found out first hand what an impact the books purchased had on our school population. I have now been at E.J. Sand for a year and would like the students of this diverse and multicultural community to be supported in a similar way. Our school has many ESL students who are new immigrants to Canada, in fact we receive more students through the York Region Reception Centre than any other school in York Region. This comes with students that read at a large variety of reading levels and need both dual language books as well as a diverse collection of books at many levels. One highlight of last year at E.J. was the Indigo Event we held during the Adopt a School weeks. Raising more money than most schools was fantastic, but the best part was getting the community involved and the parents out to see what this program is all about.
E.J. Sand is one of the oldest schools in York Region and with being such an old school, in turn has a very old collection of books. The school is being torn down this summer and we will be relocated for the next two years. The collection has been weeded and we will be weeded in even more while packing and although it has been updated over the years there are many areas of the curriculum, especially the new curriculum, that need to be updated even more. Many of the fiction titles are well over ten years old, well loved and don’t reflect the communities cultures and diversity. Many of the books we do have, need to be replaced, as well there are so many amazing new authors and book series that are not represented at all. E.J Sand is also very involved in the Forest of Reading Program. With more money we will be able to have more students participate by being able to buy multiple copies of the chosen titles. My hope to is grow this program at E.J. Sand so that the entire school population can get involved, try new genres they have never tried before, and expose the students to all these amazing Canadian authors. STEM and makerspaces is big focus at E.J.Sand. My hope is to purchase books and materials to support this learning as well. As a teacher, and especially a teacher librarian my focus has always been to instill a love of books, a love a story and to make children life long learners who love to dive into a good book. For all the reasons above I feel E.J. Sands would be a great candidate to be partnered with your store for the Adopt a School Program.
Written By: Patty Bloom

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325 enfants
Enfants : 325
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
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Budget par enfant $5,00