Juniper Ridge Elementary School

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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Carol DeFehr We are always looking for ways to update our collection and have relevant and current fiction and non-fiction titles to encourage our students love and commitment to reading.OUR SCHOOL IS GROWING! We will be the largest school in the city with 20 DIVISIONS! We also have 74 Kindergartens starting at our school which is a challenge and so exciting at the same time! We need more EARLY level books to offer our youngest readers. We are also trying to support our new curriculum. This is my second year as Principal at Juniper. My Teacher Librarian, Nicole Gorman, is absolutely committed to literacy and the teaching involved in her role. She even does 2 Book Fairs a year trying to raise funds. It is clear that Literacy is a foundational skill both teaching staff and parents truly deem as a priority.
I have been a part of the Chapters/Indigo Campaign for years and I am hoping our needs of being SO HUGE will make us the chosen school for this year's campaign. We need more books based on our huge population.
"The key to innovation is young people" -Alan Shaver (President TRU)
We need to provide reading materials that innovate them and inspire children. Our motto is #bebetterallthetime and #alwaystry and having more books would certainly help us.
Mrs. Carol DeFehr

436 enfants
Enfants : 436
Âge des livres : > 20 ans
Budget de $10.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $10,00


93 BOOKS! WOW! Thank you Juniper!

Juniper Ridge Elementary School 25 Septembre 2018

Thank you Juniper Ridge Community! 93 BOOKS have been donated to our library so far! Please let friends and family know that we have a lofty goal of 440 books! We are so thrilled so many of you have donated already. Thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts and from the top of ...


Juniper Ridge Elementary School 17 Septembre 2018

Thank you Juniper Ridge Community! 34 Books have already been fundraised for our school! Only 402 MORE! A huge thanks for your support already! I am so grateful for the first burst of support since the campaign started on Saturday! The kids are going to be so thrilled to hear we are at 34 bo...