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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Travis Klak Thank you very much for all the great books from our Indigo Love of Reading Foundation and sponsors this year. The students at Sakku school truly appreciated not only all your book contributions, but also for believing in the employability and future successes of Coral Harbour's youth. This year, we are currently looking to continue that great enthusiasm and love of reading by including libraries in the classroom. With classroom libraries, we are aiming to target our students’ interests by building a repertoire of books the students need in order to learn as well as high interest low vocabulary books they are eager to read.
My name is Lisa Maria Thomas and I am the learning coach at Sakku School in Coral Harbour, Nunavut located on Southampton Island in the Kivalliq Region. Sakku School is a K-12 school with close to 300 students and a population of 891 (“2016 Coral Harbour Census”, Statistics Canada).
Nunavut has initiated a literacy initiative in order to increase reading levels, more specifically comprehension levels of all students across the territory. Presently, the comprehension levels attained by the time the students reach high school are at a primary level (Sakku School Benchmark Assessment System results March 2017). “Many graduates are unable to move directly to post-secondary education. They often require two or more foundational years focused on building literacy skills” (Backgrounder-Literacy Framework for Nunavut Schools). Sakku School would like the help of the Adopt a School Program in order to facilitate an increase in reading and comprehension levels by reinvesting in our students, the future of Coral Harbour.
Sakku school’s participation in Adopt a School Program, will foster literacy skills and build reading interests that will trickle into all aspects of the student. It will also have an immediate effect on the comprehension levels of our students with new updated books. If the students have new high interest and low vocabulary books in their classrooms when learning the basics in science, math, social studies, health, etc., this will increase reading and comprehension levels of these subjects. Sakku school students are left at a great disadvantage when they are unable to read about certain core subjects and rely heavily on someone else to orally read what they should be able to read on their own. This inability to read at grade level puts students at risk of dropping out and more likely to have less of the skills necessary to enter the work force. With Adopt a School Program’s help, Sakku school’s students’ success will increase due to the reinvestment of Adopt a School Program and through it’s various sponsors.
Due to the geographical location of our school (Coral Harbour is a fly in community), resources such as books are not easily accessible for our students and parents. The students are lacking in high interest and low vocabulary books that will create a love for reading by providing quality reading materials to our students. Investment in reading resources for students will inspire higher reading interests which will then increase literacy skills. This will enable students to move more easily onto post-secondary education which will enable them to have more opportunities within Coral Harbour, Nunavut and beyond.
Thanks for taking the time to learn about Sakku School. We hope that the above will provide enough reasons to adopt Sakku school once again. Lisa Maria Thomas, Learning Coach, Sakku School, Coral Harbour, NU, X0C 0C0.

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