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École Central Elementary

Fort St. John, Colombie-Britannique 396 / 300 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Broyden Bennett One of life's great joys is to curl up with a good book in the Great White North and read. We want to help develop this love of literature through read & feeds, author visits, library themes and more. We imagine our kids being engrossed in current, exciting titles! Sadly, we have a really old selection of books (though we removed all the books that were older than 20 years old last year).
Please help us refurbish and revitalize our library, especially the French titles (though we are happy to add any books that inspire kids to read)!!!

Livres préférés Suggestions From Mr. Louis:
- Lucky Luke
- Spirou et Fantasie
- Léonard Génie
- Les Tuniques Bleues
- Johan et Pirlouit

Suggestions From Mme. Isabella
- La couleur des emotions by Anna Llenas ( or any book from Anna Llenas really, but this one is a jewel to talk about emotions and self-reg! I have the pop up version in my classroom)
- Any books from The collection De petite a Grande (publisher Courte Echelle) including Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo).
- Great books to talk about the influence of women in society
-- Histoires du soir pour filles rebelles : 100 destins de femmes extraordinaires by Favilli, E. & Cavallo,F.
- Je suis riche! / Je suis heureux! by Delaunois, A.
- Toto veut la pomme by Lavoie, Mathieu
- Et dans ta tete a toi? By Marco, Jaume
- Parfois je suis un renard by Daniel, Danielle
- Les bonhommes de neige sont eternels by Dedieu, Thierry
- Quand nous aurons mange la planete by Serres, A.
- 24 heures dans le monde , by Mirza, Sandrine
- Le grand voyage de monsieur caca by Delaunois, Angele
- Le nouveau voyage de Monsieur caca by Delaunois, Angele
- Le voleur de poule by Rodriguez, Beatrice
- L'arbragan, by Golddstyn, Jacques
- Le Grand Antonio by Elise Gravel
- Moi, j'attends by Cali, Davide
- Imagine une ville by Hurst, Elise
- Justin et les malcommodes: l'aventure en foret T.1 by Dusseault, Sandra here (more books from that collection to be published eventually)
- Fais de beaux reves Cthulhu by Ciaramella, Jason ( Great way to introduce the work of Lovecraft to primary students)
- Collection Textos et cie by Guilbault, Genevieve
- Collection BFF by Guilbault, Genevieve
- Collection L'ecole des gars by Peyskens, Maryse
- Any biographies from the Raconte-moi collection

300 enfants
Enfants : 300
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $3.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $3,00