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J.R. Reid School

Brandon, Manitoba 573 / 281 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Shawn Lehman I am just finishing my second year as teacher librarian at J.R. Reid School. As the teacher librarian in our school it is very important to me to increase our reading culture in our school and for us to develop lifelong readers in our students. One idea that I have approached our classroom teachers and have them all on board with is participating in a school wide #classroombookaday. Each teacher (K-8) would read 1 picture book a day and display the cover in their classroom on a board to see the books as the year goes on that they have read. The teachers can choose what book they want to read based on topic of study, season/holidays, character building, etc. At the end of the 2019 school year we plan to have a Book Academy Awards to choose our favourites from selected categories and to celebrate all of the books we have read as a school. As a staff we see this as an amazing opportunity for our entire school population to be able to have conversations and make connections about the books that are being read in our classrooms.
Having a school library and classroom libraries with new and diverse titles for us to share with our students that help us to have meaningful moments and conversations with them is something we are striving for. Being selected as an Adopt a School would allow teachers to update their picture book selections in their classrooms to help share new titles with their students and create excitement this daily event.
Our classroom libraries are very outdated and I have encouraged classroom teachers to weed through their classroom libraries to discard old books and books that are not being read by their students, as research shows that students need to have access to books that appeal to them in their classroom libraries and not be discouraged by titles that are old or damaged. Personal choice by students in what they read is indicative of their reading engagement. Having new titles in our libraries is essential if we want our students to enjoy reading. My limited library budget does not allow me to purchase new books for classroom libraries. Being selected for the Adopt a School Program would be an amazing opportunity to get exciting new books into the classrooms for our students to enjoy.
We also plan to build a Free Little Library outside of our school for our community to enjoy.
With 20% of our student population being identified as EAL, being able to add some diverse titles that would offer “window” and “mirror” reading opportunities for the many cultures that are represented in our school population is a goal for us.
Our non-fiction section in our library is really lacking. Students are often asking for books on hobbies and sports that we do not have. Many of our books used for researching are outdated and are not at a reading level that many of our students can read independently.
This year we did purchase some new furniture to make our library a more comfortable and welcoming space, now we just need to update our books to help make our library complete.
Developing a more visible and positive reading culture in our school is something I am passionate about. Creating lifelong readers in our students is a priority for our school and being selected for this program could go a long way in helping our school to reach our goals.
Cathie Hollier
Teacher Librarian

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I Yam A Donkey
Dogman Series
Narwhal & Jelly
Babysitter's Club Series

281 enfants
Enfants : 281
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Budget par enfant $9,00


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