Connaught School

Calgary, Alberta 36 / 360 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : E Graham Connaught School is a multicultural school where more than over 50 countries and 48 different languages are spoken. Connaught serves as the first step into Canada for our many immigrant families. The role and vision of the school is to offer meaningful learning experiences that develop language and literacy fluency. We believe that the acquisition of the English language can be most effectively learned through availability of literary resources that assist in the development of a curricular lesson and the excitement and curiosity when acquiring a new language and new knowledge.
More than 95% of our population lives in multi-family dwellings, mainly high-rise apartments scattered throughout the Beltline area. Our students’ only access to library resources is at Connaught School. The closest library was Memorial Park which had their Children’s Section removed. These literary experiences are limited or not available to them in any other way.
Connaught School has just recently initiated a new and used Toy Library for all our student’s Families to excess. This would provide meaningful family time using resources that could be obtain through Chapters- Indigo such as family games , puzzles, activities that promote less screen time, fine motor skills, letter recognition, creative play and again meaningful family relationship enrichment through reading or activities.
Our dream would be to offer our students and families as many opportunities to access knowledge through books that the whole family can experience from our students sharing and reading their library books at home and school.
We do not have major fund raisers such as Book Fairs because the majority of our families cannot afford these purchases or can support fund raisers.
The Adopt a School Program is everything we believe about children, what we believe about our community, and what we believe about country. It is about the opportunity to freely learn, about students having an excitement and curiosity provided to them through reading. The availability of literature and reading has a monumental impact on their lives. It is also about inclusive environments that are responsive to individual students and their school's vital and essential need to develop the library resources.
We greatly appreciate the incredible opportunity that the Chapters Indigo Adopt a School Program could afford us to dream and develop the Connaught School library resources.

360 enfants
Enfants : 360
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $1.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $1,00