Adoptée par Coles Westshore Town Centre

View Royal Elementary School

Victoria, Colombie-Britannique 151 / 346 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Renee Pick and Sherri O'Sullivan (Teacher Librarian) First of all, thank you for the opportunity to apply for the Adopt A School Program.

“View Royal K-5 School continues to provide quality educational experiences to all children, within a caring community of learners.” This is our school mission statement, and we are applying for Indigo's Adopt a School Program to help us continue to accomplish this mission. Teachers and students come to our Library, daily, for resources to support their teaching and learning. They also come to the Library to look for books that appeal to and interest them. Teachers should feel confident that a recommended resource is in their own school Library and students should be able to find books that interest them ‘just because’. Having these types of books will not only make the students eager to come to the Library, but will also encourage the students to be interested in reading more books: a double bonus. I would love to update the Library with newer, more appealing and relevant books for our students and teachers.
It is near impossible to update our collection solely with government funding. Having programs like this one will really benefit our school community.
Once again, thank you for this opportunity!

Livres préférés Currently, our favourites include:
- Graphic Novels like Big Nate, Bone, Amulet
- High Interest, Low Vocabulary Books like The Branches Series and Usborne Chapter Books
- Red Cedar Book Award Books like Mark of the Plague, Finding Irene
- Elephant and Piggie Books by Mo Willems
- Adrienne Gear Reading Power Picture Books

346 enfants
Enfants : 346
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $4.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $4,00


Week Three

View Royal Elementary School 01 Octobre 2018

Wow!   We have surpassed 100 donated books.  Thank you to our amazing staff, community and Westshore Coles.   We are honoured and humbled that we were chosen by this book store.   They have been working tirelessly to help raise funds on our behalf, to bring atte...

Week Two

View Royal Elementary School 25 Septembre 2018

Wow!   What a week.   Thank you to everyone who has participated in Indigo's Adopt a adopting any school, not just ours:-)   The students at View Royal have been extreemely busy making Thank You Bookmarks for Coles customers.   Every little pers...

The Beginning of our event

View Royal Elementary School 11 Septembre 2018

Our school is so excited at being chosen as one of Indigo's Adopt A Schools.   The excitement is picking up between each grade as the students are encouraged to draw their dream library and creating book jackets for their favourite books.  Thank you for providing this opportunity t...