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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Ingeborg Pot One of our school's focuses is literacy and part of building capacity of our students is to increase our classroom libraries, so students can read when they are given the time. We have a Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) class within our timetable, which gives our students an opportunity to read and not have to worry about the scholastic reading for the period. It gives them an opportunity to just get lost in a book for 25 minutes a day. If high interest books are available in our classrooms, students will be quicker to pick up a book and sit down to read. Our library is also a fantastic place where students can go to get bigger and a wider range selection.

Livres préférés When surveyed, students in our school listed some of their top ten reads. This was our list:
Read Player One
Injustice - Gods Among Us
The Hobbit
Fable Haven
Author:Doug TenNaple
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Trials of Apollo
Kayn Chronicles
Magnus Chase
Wings of Fire
Candy Shops Wars
39 Clues
Adventures Wanted
Ready Player 2
Iam #4 Series 2
Lost Hero Series
Warriors Series
Football Genius Series
Summer Ball
The Final Four
Red Pyramid Series
Slapshot Series
Transformers Ultimate Guide
Transformers Dinobot comic bools
Calvin and Hobbes 2
Big Nate
Smile 2
Hunger Games 2
The Maze Runner Series 2
Divergent Series 2
Ashes, Ashes
Flora & Ulysses
The Outsiders
Wrinkle in Time Series
The Rangers Apprentice 2
Gallagher Academy Books
The Fault in Our Stars 2
The Secret Life of Bees
Bridge of Terabithia
The Hug Book
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Drops of Gold
Skippy Dan Jones
The Goose Girl
A Dog's Purpose
Lord of the Rings
Anything Robert Munsch
Anything Dr. Seuss
Anything Jeremy Tankard
Anything David Shannon
Anything Jecko Willink
Anything Mo Willems
Anything Shel Silverstein
Anything Melanie Watts
The Who Was Series
The I Survived Series
Anything Ronald Dahl
Anything Gordon Korman
Anything Gary Paulsen
Anything Marissa Myer
I am Canadian Series
Dear Canada Series
Anything Julia Cook
Anything Judy Bloom
Anything Kwame Alexander

320 enfants
Enfants : 320
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $13.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $13,00