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Greenway School

Winnipeg, Manitoba 534 / 500 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Stormie Duchnycz Books are the gateway to the adventures that we can make accessible for all students. They allow our students to experience the world and explore their own interests and personal learning. Our students continue to grow, change and expand. Our library must also be able to keep up with our students. At the Greenway library we are in need of finishing many different series of books. The majority of the chapter books in the series in our library are incomplete. Our non-fiction area is lacking in books that reflect interests of technology and innovation. The graphic novels in our library are well loved and used, but need to be expanded to include many new titles. The graphic novel section needs to be divided into 2 separate areas, one that deals with non-fiction or historical fiction and the other that is fiction based. Our picture book section is by far the most outdated area of the library. Although picture books do have a timeless quality, there are so many amazing new titles that are not represented. A large portion of our picture books are over 50 years old and some of them are showing their age. We are responsible for keeping students excited about all there is to experience in the world of literature. This responsibility comes at a cost that is sometimes greater than the public school budget. This is where you could help to bring our reader's adventures to life!

Livres préférés Percy Jackson series
Elephant and Piggie
Dogman series
Haunted Canada series
Oliver Jeffers books

500 enfants
Enfants : 500
Âge des livres : > 20 ans
Budget de $11.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $11,00