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Truro Junior High School

Truro, Nouvelle-Écosse 249 / 375 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Shelley MacLean Our school sits on unceded Mi'kmaw territory. Our school is also situated in an historically African Nova Scotian community called "The Hill". We are a very culturally diverse school serving many communities. Because we are so culturally diverse, we strive at being a leading school when it comes to Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. Our school needs to purchase new books that are relevant to all of our students of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. Whether it is books about children or people from the LGBTQ community, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, First Nations, African Canadian, Acadian, Indian, Lebanese, etc. It would even be awesome to have books by authors from these diverse backgrounds. Another reason our school needs to purchase new books is to build up our collection of picture books. Students of all ages love to read picture books and it is often these books that teach valuable lessons of kindness and acceptance. A final reason our school needs to purchase new books is to add to our collection of eBooks. With the growing use of technology many students are using school or their personal devices to read. Our students live in a technology era and we need to continue to foster the love of reading by providing these tech. savvy students ways to stay engaged in their reading.

375 enfants
Enfants : 375
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $3.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $3,00