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Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Patsy McDonald As school budgets are limited, school administrators have to be quite creative in how those
funds are spent and distributed, and the needs at our school have been particularly high in the
past few years with equipment needing to be replaced, chalk boards needing to be switched out
with whiteboards, and making room for new technologies in our building. Many would agree that
the expense of replacing equipment and making room for new technologies can deplete school
budgets and leave school libraries with seriously outdated print collections.
With limited budgets compounded with diverse and complex classroom composition needs, for
the past number of years, we were not able to maintain a full time teacher librarian. In fact, the
past few years, we have not had one at all at our school. Teachers with already full schedules,
however, stepped up to sign books in and out for students. Maintenance of a collection takes
time and expertise. Very soon it became noticeable that hundreds of our books were outdated
and irrelevant and were not being signed-out and more and more students began to complain
and to ask for current titles.
Outdated books give students misinformation. Old books keep old stereotypes alive so, with the
help of a retired volunteer, and other staff members, we weeded books that were incredibly outdated. We very soon
realized that many of our shelves are empty and our collection has become quite depleted.
Our goal is to rejuvenate the collection with correct and credible information as well as to
provide books that will inspire and motivate our young readers to continue reading. We betray
our youth when we put outdated information and old books on our shelves. If we are working
toward building literacy and better understanding of a global world, multicultural sensitivity is
extremely important.
New, current books also inspire our students to read and we are trying to encourage youth to
read more. The love of books - of holding and turning its pages - is perhaps not the greatest
argument to ask for funding for a new collection of books; however, research will tell you that
investment in school libraries produce dividends in student achievement and a better educated
It takes a community and we need your support.

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