Kanata Highlands Public School

Kanata , Ontario 14 / 360 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Pauline McKenna Kanata Highlands Public School first opened in September 2016. As a new school, the library is still being developed and there are many additional potential learning resources that need to be purchased with limited funds. Many parents have fond memories of going to their school library on a weekly basis as a child and choosing a new read from the vast selection at school. Our school council has held a few fundraisers to try to help build the library, but this will take time and resources. Currently some students are able to access books from the small selection at the KHPS library and many are borrowing books from their teachers' personal classroom libraries. As our school is in a high tech community, there is strong focus on technology. There is a shared Makerspace/library area which is great. However, we feel it is important to experience reading and learning from high quality books (physically) in addition to electronically to foster a lifelong love of reading. We want to keep the basic idea of opening a book and turning the pages in discovery (perhaps on a couch or side of the bed) a continued experience for our students.

360 enfants
Enfants : 360
Âge des livres : < 10 ans
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Budget par enfant $0,00