Adoptée par Coles City Place

Stevenson Britannia

Winnipeg, Manitoba 93 / 270 livres donnés

Nom du directeur ou de la directrice : Jane Couch Stevenson School Library is a busy room in the heart of the school. The library is used for school activities, pleasure reading, research and curriculum support. The collection is on the older side and is weak in certain subject areas. To continue engaging students in reading, additional popular titles and high interest books are needed. More low level chapter books are also required to boost confidence in struggling readers. As a staff, we aim at getting good fit, interesting books in the hands of our students. We feel that the Adopt a School program is a 'good fit' for our initiative.

270 enfants
Enfants : 270
Âge des livres : 10-20 ans
Budget de $10.00 par enfant
Budget par enfant $10,00