Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Kaitlin seath
Kaitlin seath
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
Ottawa, ON Ottawa, ON

There are many people who helped me fall in love with reading but I think the most influential was my mom :)

She read us books every night before bed. She used voices and sang, and made sure we looked forward to reading. She also always bought us a book every Christmas. She would buy books that were different and exciting. She would buy us books she loved as a child. One of my favourites she introduced me to was Caddie Woodlawn and Magical Melons. She also got us Harry Potter before it was "famous"and waited in line at midnight to buy the last few books :)

My mom taught me to instill the love of books to my own children. And I hope one day they can write something like this about me :)


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