Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Pandora Fox
Pandora Fox
Monsignor Morrison Elementary School Monsignor Morrison Elementary School
St. Thomas, ON St. Thomas, ON

Tsih si wtha rdeangi kloos lkei ot me.

I am Dyslexic. And I could not read until I was 14.

My learning disability went undiagnosed until I was in the 9th grade. I had an amazing English teacher who recognized that I was struggling with reading and comprehension. If I was read to, I understood the information. But reading was like torture to me. The words do not make sense. They move around the page. And I have to reread the same sentence numerous times to get information from the words.

I owe my English teacher so much more than just recognition for helping me to become a valuable member of my community. She put me on the path that led me to the rest of my life. She spent an entire year with me in the library teaching me to remap my brain by reading Encyclopedia Britannica, and understanding when my brain needed a break. She would bring enough lunch for both of us, and she taught me the most valuable lesson life has to give. To love yourself. And that disabilities are not the end of the line. It was in that Library, with an extraordinary woman when I fell in love with reading. Thanks to my English teacher, for giving me the gift of literacy.


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