Pourquoi la lecture est-elle importante à vos yeux?
Tammy Ellis
Tammy Ellis
Westwood Elementary Westwood Elementary
Port Coquitlam, BC Port Coquitlam, BC

As a Mom reading is important to me to set an example for my children. Since they were born I have read to my children. As a result, books have been a part of their every day life and a love and respect for books has become a part of them. Reading is important to me, as it brings me joy to see how much my children learn from books, especially when my youngest child tells me some quirky fact that she read somewhere. It is watching their excitement grow over books and expand their knowledge and imaginations through reading. Reading is important to me, as my oldest child's love for reading has resulted in her current ability to write and connect with her audience. Reading is important to me, as almost every night still brings a night time snuggle and sometimes giggle over a story with my growing child.


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