Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Kate McDonald
Kate McDonald
Happy Thought School Happy Thought School
East Selkirk, MB East Selkirk, MB

My elementary school librarian, Mrs. Norrie opened me up to the world of books. She was always excited about reading and sharing her library with us. She made it a safe and inviting place to be and it was my favourite room in the whole school. I will always remember her saving a new book for me to read first and sliding it across the desk to me. I felt so special and it gave me just the lift that I so badly needed. She showed me that libraries and books are a way to travel anywhere you can dream of and I found sanctuary in that world of imagination. I will be forever grateful to her for her passion for books and literacy and hope in some small way to pass that same gift on to the kids I am privileged to work with.


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