Pourquoi soutenez-vous cette école?
Derek Hatch
Derek Hatch
St. Mark Junior High School St. Mark Junior High School
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB

As the Principal of this school, I see the need for quality books in our library. Our students are encouraged by their teachers to read and since we have kids with so many different interests and reading at many different levels, it is important to have books in our library to meet their needs. It is such an amazing thing to walk into a learning space and see kids reading...and enjoying it. They can forget about everything that is going on in their life and totally immerse themselves in a book. It is evident that reading helps kids with their academic performance.
This campaign is important to us. As a small, high needs school, there is not a lot of room in our budget for the purchase of books. We are hoping that the Adopt a School program will help us to add some great books to our library.


68e Alberta

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