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Holy Trinity School
Holy Trinity School
Holy Trinity Holy Trinity
Calgary, AB Calgary, AB

The Holy Trinity School Community is in the process of examining the current collection of out-dated books in both the Learning Commons and the Classrooms. I am supporting Holy Trinity School and the diverse community it serves so the students,staff and members are given the opportunity to “Bring Literacy to Life”! New books would bring the School Community a great sense of joy,excitement and pleasure. Some students have mentioned there’s nothing new to read or are discouraged and frustrated by the outdated books on the shelves.
There are many inspirational children’s books that promote global and digital citizenship, community and self-awareness,financial literacy,diversity, courage, acceptance and imagination.As students continue to engage in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and Makerspace opportunities, new books will be needed for reference, information,guidance and inspiration. “Connection,Collaboration, Communication and Creativity”, through Literacy and new books is the foundation for helping students ,staff and community members to achieve success today and in the future!


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