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Cynthiya Selvanathan
Cynthiya Selvanathan
Ashton Meadows Public School Ashton Meadows Public School
Markham, ON Markham, ON

I am supporting Ashton Meadows Public School for many reasons! We have about 300 students in our school and we all love to read! At Ashton Meadows there are a lot of different things that happen in our Library. We have Reading Buddies, workshops, meetings and even special presentations from guest speakers. We love our library a lot however our library doesn’t have many new books. With the help of the Indigo Adopt a School Program we would like to buy many new books especially more non-fiction books.
An inventory of our non-fiction section in the library was recently taken and many of our books were found to be out of date and no longer relevant to the curriculum. Many were discarded and removed from the shelves. We have put together a five year plan to replace these books slowly. There is a huge need for non-fiction books about the Body Systems, Environmental Issues, Global Communities and topics covering the new Social Studies Curriculum .
In our library, a First Nation, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) section was put together. This corner has a lot of resources for families, staff and students related to FNMI. Book, Posters, Teacher Guides and even traditional painting and artifacts have been placed in this corner. Many wonderful FNMI stories can be read and listened to in this beautiful space.
The FNMI section is just a start of the wonderful ways we are making our students feel inclusive and learn about different cultures. We have many student from different communities, cultures and ethnicities at Ashton Meadows. However, we are lacking books to accommodate this need. We would like to buy dual language books that come in different languages and honor our students’ cultures.
As you can see Ashton Meadows is a great school, with the help of your donations we can really change our library and help all our students read even more!


6e Ontario

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