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Stephanie Belyea
Stephanie Belyea
Westfield School Westfield School
Grand Bay-WEstfield, NB Grand Bay-WEstfield, NB

Reading has always been a big part of my life since I was a child. My parents would read books to my brothers and I each night before we went to bed. They are avid readers and I got my love of reading from them as well as from my teachers. I still enjoy reading as an adult and love the quiet time where I can relax and get lost in a book. Now, as a teacher, I love reading aloud to my class and having discussions about the lessons we can learn from the characters in a book or just laugh at some of the situations some of the characters get into. I enjoy teaching students reading strategies to help them read and comprehend a book. Reading in class is something my students really enjoy and with donations from Indigo and the community we would be able to keep our students interested in reading by providing them with the latest releases in series that they enjoy.


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