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Allison Hurlburt
Allison Hurlburt
Carleton Consolidated Elementary School Carleton Consolidated Elementary School
Carleton, NS Carleton, NS

Where do I start? I have been babysitting children that attend Carleton Elementary School for about five years now. The bus stops at the end of my driveway and out they come one by one. Running as fast as they can with their book bags which are normally bigger than they are. They hang them up on their hook and on library day at school out come the books they have carefully chosen with only their personal interest in mind. They sit or lay or sometimes stand showing off their books that their parents didn't pick out or their teachers, what freedom! My son has started primary. He is five years old. He has watched these children with their love of "library books" since he can remember. That little mind must wonder where do these kids come from? Where do these books come from? I want one too. This year my son came home off the bus with that same excitement I have seen from the children. He runs as fast as he can to the house, throws his bookbag and says (well I shouldn't say "says" because it was more of a yells)"GUESS WHAT MUMMAYY?!?! and after he said this he was talking so fast the only words I understood was book, library, mine, I picked out. But there was many other filler words. He sat proud with the other children with his very own library book. His own little insert in the back of the date when it is due back. He was one of the "big kids" now. Ever since he was able to pick out his very own book without my help he has been asking me to read to him nightly. Before this I would get through a book half way through and boredom would set in. Carleton Elementary School library has given my son the independence to enjoy reading (or of me reading to him). I would love to see Carleton have more of a selection to help other children currently and for the ones coming to Carleton to have a chance at the amazing experience they gave my son. The experience to love books again. With a larger newer selection they can strive for greatness.
C - capable
A - achievement
R - remarkable
L - learning
E - efficient
T - team
O - opportunity
N - noble
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