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Nelia Raposo
Nelia Raposo
St. Catherine's Of Alexandria St. Catherine's Of Alexandria
Georgetown, Ontario, ON Georgetown, Ontario, ON

Having access to a diverse selection of reading material that appeals to kids of all ages and stages in their reading journey is crucial. As the librarian at St. Catherine's school, I can tell you that while we have many books in our library, a good portion of them are well-loved (falling apart) or outdated.
Fundraisers like this help generate funds needed to replenish the collection with the newest titles that the kids will call "lit" or "on point." Graphic novels are hugely popular right now. We also need to buy more numeracy books and French language books to support the curriculum. Throughout this campaign I will be posting suggested purchases from students on my twitter account (@ nelia_raposo) so you can see what the students want. Thank you for supporting our kids. It takes a village to raise a kid. It takes all of us to raise literate citizens.


65e Ontario

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