Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
The Aschbacher Family
The Aschbacher Family
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The person who helped me fall in love with reading is my mom. When she was a kid, she devoured books at every opportunity and would stay up reading under her covers with a flashlight until the early hours of the morning. Her mom would always try to limit her reading of books she didn't find educational, and try to get her to read books she wasn't interested in. My own mom was determined to never do that to her children, so she is always a big advocate of letting me and my siblings read whatever we want. From a young age, she would read us stories, and when we got old enough to read on our own, she would rarely make us stop reading at bedtime. Often I would still be up at 5 am finishing a book, and there were days I wouldn't get up from my chair at all because I had to finish Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. My mom has always been willing to expend money for books, and as a 'finishing the school year' present, she takes us to Coles in Whitehorse and lets us each pick a stack of books.
My siblings and I have always had a close relationship with reading thanks to our mom. Often we'll sit together on the couch discussing underlying themes in Harry Potter for an hour, or retell favourite jokes from Percy Jackson. Because of her, we fall in love in love with new characters on a regular basis and have learned an infinite number of things about the world and the people in it. Our reading also transfers to our schoolwork, in which we all do well. English and Social Studies have collectively been my and my siblings' best subjects.
I will never have enough gratitude for my mother for the stacks of books that line my shelves and my brain. Because of her, reading is and will remain one of my greatest loves.


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