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samantha hynes
samantha hynes
Airport Elementary Airport Elementary
Lazo (Comox), BC Lazo (Comox), BC

We are very grateful to be a beautiful military family that had an amazing opportunity to recently move from the East Coast to the West Coast, however moving children away from friends, family and all that they know isn't always smooth sailing and easy. Raising children with extra needs also comes with challenges, we've discovered that consistency and strong connections are two great assets that support our children's growth , both of which Airport has done their best to deliver to our family. Consistency and connections are bigger things thou and sometimes I believe it's as equally important to recognize the smaller things that make a big difference. Smaller things like allowing children to take movement breaks and encouraging children to find what works for them and giving them the opportunity to support their own needs. At Airport El space is limited and the library is about so much more than just borrowing a book. It's a space where kids can walk for a small break, take their materials and focus in a quiet area when the classroom is 'too much', it's a space that's calm and GIVES so much to so many of our children and is a space that's so deserving of receiving. So lets GIVE back in a way that will help the library grow.


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