Quel est le livre pour enfant qui a eu la plus grande incidence sur votre vie, et pourquoi?
terri cail
terri cail
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The children's book that holds a special spot in my heart is the book "Something from Nothing" by Phoebe Gilman.

Now that I am a mother of two little boys, who I read to and now they read to me; this is always a go to in our home. The message behind the book is so sweet. The bond the grandfather has with his grandson is so special. The grandson, Joesph, not wanting to get rid of the special things his grandpa had made him so his grandfather keeps making things to keep a part of the blanket always with Joesph. The jacket, the vest, the blankets and the buttons.

The bond this little boy has with his grandfather reminds me of the special bonds my boys had with both there grandfather and there grandmother. We have lost both of these special people to us this past year, and both boys have "something's" they keep close in there rooms to remind them of what its like to have so much love for someone. So I understand why this little boys blanket is so important to him.

Not only is the book a great story, but a reminder that its not always the finest things in life that makes something special but the things that come out of great Love.


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