Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Elena Stangherlin
Elena Stangherlin
Frontenac School Frontenac School
Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg, MB

We asked several of our students this question. We received a wide variety of answers but the ones that stuck with us most were about the library. Bolu, a student who grew up in Nigeria, said she loves the library and it is where she comes to, "think, learn and concentrate". She loves reading because of the "awesome library" and its variety of books.

As I reflect on my love of reading, I too remember being in the school library and being amazed at the amount of books and choice. My parents immigrated to Canada and we did not have a lot of books in our home. It was important I had access to a librarian who cared about finding me books I wanted to read. And in the end, it was a great story, "The Incident at Hawk's Hill" by Allan W. Eckert, which ultimately hooked me.


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