Quel est le livre pour enfant qui a eu la plus grande incidence sur votre vie, et pourquoi?
Shaula Corr
Shaula Corr
Nelson Heights School Nelson Heights School
Cold Lake, AB Cold Lake, AB

The book that I read as a child and that still resonates with me today is "Anne of Green Gables". Anne had such resiliance in the face of her disappointments and life events and I could totally relate even as a child. Growing up in a dysfumctional home, Anne was a character I could connect with. Not long after I read the book, our family visited Green Gables. My 9 year old self became convinced that if there was a Green Gables, then surely there had been an Anne. I was excited to see her bedroom but soon learned that the house itself was merely an inspiration for the setting and that Anne was, indeed, fictional. I remember that disappointment as it it were yesterday. As an adult re-reading the book, I was captivated by the final line "God's in His heaven, all's right with the world". I had often thought of that line throughout my life but hadn't realized where I had gleaned it from. Re-reading the book opened yet more wonder as I realized how much I had soaked it in and how much had become a part of me.


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