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Heather Hirst
Heather Hirst
Harry Camsell School Harry Camsell School
Hay River, NT Hay River, NT

I work for library services, and get to see first-hand the positive impact that reading can have on a child. Just last Friday, I brought a book to my nephew that I thought he would like. When I called him a few days later to ask how he was enjoying it, he replied "Oh! I read it all Friday afternoon, and night! Then I woke up Saturday and read until I finished it!" - it made me so happy to know he's found a love of reading. Not all children have such easy access to the public library and materials. I would love to see Harry Camsell School win this prize, so that all of their students can have easy access to new/relevant to them materials, and we can spread the love of reading in our community.


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