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Nicolette van Pinxteren
Nicolette van Pinxteren
St. Martin de Porres School St. Martin de Porres School
Scarborough, ON Scarborough, ON

I have a true “soft spot” in supporting St. Martin de Porres School because not only have I been a teacher here for the past 16 years, I am also a former student! This school and its community are very dear to my heart. It is a place where I had so many wonderful learning experiences and a place where the love of reading was instilled within me at a very young age. Just like some of our students, my family immigrated to Canada. The five of us came from India with 5 suitcases and just $500. We didn’t have the money to buy much - especially new books –so my older siblings and I depended on the books in our classrooms and in the St. Martin de Porres Library. Soon, I too became an avid reader and couldn’t get my nose out of a book! In Grade 5, I joined the Extended French program at our school and I was now reading in both English and French—much to the amazement of my immigrant parents! I am so grateful to the teachers at St.Martin de Porres who taught me that reading would open doors to a multitude of opportunities —they always had books and resources available to us. And the teachers working there today do everything they can to provide the same opportunities but, unfortunately, they experience many cutbacks to the school budget and buying new books and resources is not always possible. Us teachers make do, but is this enough for our students? No way! They deserve MORE! Given our students frequent exposure to media and modern tech devices, it's our aim and hope to provide them with stories they can connect with on a personal level. While books and stories from the past transcend generations or age groups, it is our hope to modernize our book selections for students so they can relate and connect with the stories and characters of today and of the future. Thanks to the Indigo Adopt-a-School Program, we will be able to do just that! I would love nothing more than to see everyone support St. Martin de Porres School! May new doors open up to these students--doors to success! Just like they did for me—a grateful former student and now an enthusiastic teacher!


2e Ontario

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