Pourquoi soutenez-vous cette école?
Adam Davies
Adam Davies
Cyrus Eaton Elementary School Cyrus Eaton Elementary School
Pugwash, NS Pugwash, NS

I support this school because my son, his friends, and numerous family members attend Cyrus Eaton Elementary. That is the polite and sensible answer, the one least likely to cause anyone any grief. Truth be told, my support is an act of rebellion - a small nudge against the system. I believe that a love of reading is the key to lifelong literacy. Unfortunately, as a parent I see how measurable achievement has been put ahead of a love of reading and how reading for purpose has replaced reading for pleasure. I believe children need books and a wide-range of reading materials that tell all sorts of stories and traditions, and come in a host of different styles, types and genres. To that end I make my donation with the simple hope that a child - any child - may pick up a book at the school library and simply fall in love with it.


10e Nouvelle-Écosse

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