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Kelly Proudfoot
Kelly Proudfoot
Ecole Dickinsfield Junior High School Ecole Dickinsfield Junior High School
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB

Imagination is a beautiful wondrous thing. As I found myself getting older I found my imagination was not as sharp as it used to be. I felt sad. I had lost some of the magic of my childhood. I had to retrace my steps to find the magic, and sure enough I discovered the magic in books. As an adult, I now read for pleasure every other night, if not every night. I have rediscovered the magic in life. I am able explore new worlds, and I am exposed to new and intriguing concepts. Reading has sparked my hunger for knowledge, but also my awareness and compassion for others. I believe the power of reading will open many closed doors, and will continue to spark imagination and critical thinking in our students.


67e Alberta

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