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Caty Fell
Caty Fell
Pearson Road Elementary Pearson Road Elementary
Kelowna, BC Kelowna, BC

I am a CEA at Pearson Road Elementary. Our team of staff is like no other. Every single person that works in that building fights every day for these kiddos, wanting them to reach their full potential. The students in my class absolutely LOVE going to the school library to pick out books every week. We have “read to self” sessions in class daily. As well as they take books home to read with their parents. I’m also a part of our “reading club” where students come before school to practice reading with myself and other support staff. All of our students enjoy reading, no matter what level they are. They share the stories with classmates, and they get excited about new books from a series. I love watching them learn while having fun. Reading should always play an important role in every child’s life. Our students at Pearson truly deserve this.


283e Colombie-Britannique

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