Quel est le livre pour enfant qui a eu la plus grande incidence sur votre vie, et pourquoi?
Melanie Vendrame
Melanie Vendrame
Holy Rosary Catholic School Holy Rosary Catholic School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

Even though my dad couldn't read English very well, he knew reading was an important and amazing thing. Every Saturday, he would take me and my sister to the library. We would go into the Italian section and pick out books to take home.
One of the books that made an impression on me was Alice in Wonderland. Even in Italian, the story’s magnificent world and whimsical characters made an impression on me.
Once I was older, I read it in English and fell in love with it all over again. It’s one of the first books I bought my daughter when she was born and I can’t wait for her imagination to be carried away as she experiences Alice’s adventures.


985e Ontario

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