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bev critch
bev critch
Arklan Community Public School Arklan Community Public School
Carleton Place, ON Carleton Place, ON

I have three grandchildren in this school. Growing up I read every book our school library had. It was a way to see the world. Now I’m an adult I get to go to the places I read about. I’m encouraging my grandchildren to do the same and I already have taken them to places we read about. I love to cuddle and read a book to them and know some day we may visit those exact same places. Me and my daughter have gone to a lot of places we read about in books. It is very encouraging to see them read and not watch tv. My grandson visited us this summer and left his iPod in the car on the way to the airport. I asked him what he was going to do with no iPod. He said mommy brought me a new book for the plane ride so I will read that. In today’s age I thought that was wonderful and we brought new books while visiting us and never asked for my iPad once in three weeks. That to me was very encouraging for this technical age where children don’t even know how to play outside anymore.


970e Ontario

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