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Kayte Turney
Kayte Turney
Basinview Drive Community School Basinview Drive Community School
Bedford, NS Bedford, NS

Reading is an opportunity to get lost in a world outside our own, whether that is to learn about something we are unfamiliar with or to lose ourselves in our imaginations being guided by an author. It is a chance to be unique and to have our own unique experience and in today’s world where we are told what to think and how to see situations, it is one of the few chances we have to have our own experience. The magic happens when you share this with a child, some of my greatest memories are sharing a book with one of my parents or an amazing teacher. A library filled with facts and stories is a never ending source of entertainment and discovery for a child. I would love to be a part of making the Basinview Library a more robust platform for those adventures!


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